Sales to wholesalers

We offer special prices for wholesale jewelry and accessories.

If you would like to contact with us as a company or autonomous to market our jewelry and accessories products to third parties, or other establishment, we have special rates for Wholesale.

We offer special jewelry and accessories rates for wholesalers, a large stock of products, a variety of items, along with a wide range of samples..

SUKUBALI offers as a jewelry wholesaler, a large catalog of jewelry and accessories to sell our products in other shops.


  • 1.- 1-Register as a customer.
  • 2.- Accept the terms and conditions of sale register to wholesalers.
  • 3.- Attach a photocopy of the CIF (Tax Identification Number).
The commercial department of Tienda las Lilas, after verifying your application, will contact to send you the credentials that allow access to wholesale rates from our website.

Once registered as a wholesaler, if before placing an order you want to check the quality and variety of our products, you can request a product sample.

1. Become a customer

2. Accept the terms and conditions

3. Attach a photocopy of Tax Identification Number